My work is an ongoing study of realism, re-imagined through an unfamiliar, less burdensome perspective. My biggest goal is to take small, typical scenes and moments, and push them into strange territory. A combination of realism and surrealism can be enough to make the audience re-evaluate their daily routines, cultivating a heightened sense of creativity and wonder at things we often consider mundane.


       I enjoy a variety of subjects and tools, but I find myself consistently returning to folklore, well-placed black, and an unearthly amount of glow. It's where I normally start to work out what I want to say. My brain lives in that space dead center between horror and hilarity, which is actually more like that little cafe around the corner than most of us would like to think.


       David Blackbird McKinsey lives in the Pacific Northwest USA, arguably the biggest liminal space in the United States west of that one town in Wyoming he promptly left, once. He lives in a hole in the wall with a lot of plants, and a woman who collects skulls.

       David has fought monsters across the country, from Virginia, Colorado, to Montana and more, and thoroughly confused and intrigued people along the way. He's a perpetual student of the art of perception and poking things with sticks, currently revising the first of a psychological thriller trilogy series as well as an alternate history urban fantasy novel. You can purchase his other work at Whiskey Terra Foxtrot.