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You've come here through one of three ways. You might have come because I'm excited about my web site reboot and have seen me plastering it everywhere you see me and my media, anyway. You might have come because you've had contact with me in the past and this is the new site that appeared when you looked for me again. Or maybe, just maybe, you have no idea who I am or how you found my site, and neither do I.

Whatever brought you here, you're welcome to my parlor. I hope you like the decor.

Assuming you're new to the cave, I will introduce myself. My name is Blackbird McKinsey. There are a couple other names I go by, but no matter the legal status and which one's on which paperwork, it's the one that describes me best and feels by far the most realistic.

I'm in my early twenties, and based on the East Coast. My hair is green, I'm one of those "messy desk" kinds of people, and I like to take selfies while wearing clip-in fangs. The cat you're going to see me drawing so much is named Impala.

I'm an artist on a mission. There's too much blind positivity in the world, and people go too far out of their way to avoid anything labeled "dark," or "goth." True, the gothic trend is on the rise, but the category is still associated with far too much negativity. It's often associated with mature content and questionable morals. I can understand some of the connection, but it's too easy to make the sweeping generalization and miss out on a lot of media that encourages imagination and creativity. As I started growing older it became even more irritating, since I'm living proof that those who enjoy the dark are not implicitly bad or evil, or producers of content that should be avoided.

I aim to provide a positive alternative, without resorting to avoid the dark just because it's dark. I try to lead a clean, spooky lifestyle, and supply things that Halloween lovers and night owls can enjoy without having to keep their guard so high. I'll make your clothes, give you art, tell you stories, and help you live a better life by expressing yourself without worrying so much.

I haven't had any particularly special training, other than my life experiences. But sometimes, that's all someone needs as long as they use that experience to develop their skills. I've been a Christian for almost ten years, but I've never lost my love of certain things just because some people would say they contradict (hint: they don't). I opened this site to give people with the same interests an outlet to express themselves, even if they don't identify as Christian but are looking for similar things, for similar reasons.

I could just toss up all my work on this web site and leave it there, but my work is more than just the items and images. I want to talk to people, have them get to know me, and get to know them back. That's why there's a blog on here, as well. Part of my aim is to connect, not just display. I want to know what you're thinking about, and how I can help you with what I make. No one is precisely the same, though they share common interests, and the key to adapting to them is listening.

This will be used to update you on different projects I'm working on, which is everything from my writing to new calculations on clothing sizes. There will be patterns and tutorials, as well as back stories and new info on things in my books. When I learn something, you'll learn about it, too. Everything here lurks in the same dark -- but it's kinda fluffy and definitely won't bite.

If you'd like my work here to kick off the ground on this new site, then please, share your thoughts! The word "lifestyle" can get a bad rap, but it doesn't have to. Sometimes it just means bat-shaped cookies and tea that turns a weird color. I invite you to comment, question, and even contradict, if you can do it in a positive manner, in keeping with the goals laid out here. I'll do my best to help out, or refer you to someone who can. I appreciate any feedback you can give, because this is set up as an interactive experience.

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