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I'm having trouble starting this post for exactly the reason I thought this post necessary. Everyone has a different flavor of "real life," and mine is getting somewhat busier than usual. It's weird. But I do think that if someone considers themselves an artist, of any kind, they still need to participate in that art.

The trouble is, often times "real life" also tells artists that what they do isn't "real" work, so put all of it to the side while "real life" takes precedence. That, or they're told they need to finish more big, polished works if they're going to be a "real" artist. Not true. You don't need to only run marathons to be a "real" runner. You don't only perform public concerts to be a "real" musician.

Practice between those points so you can actually get around to those points.

So here's mine.

In case you ever wondered what Sydney West looks like. A few months ago an acquaintance was open to sketch requests so I asked them if they could do Sydney for me. Only then did I realize I didn't have any pictures of my own, at that point. So here he is, in all his bony glory.

This is my vision of Hannah Merchant. She's been drawn a few more times than Sydney, and has a little more leeway in terms of appearance than he does. She's been drawn in a dress floofier than anything I'd ever envisioned, as well as with Merida-like curly hair. As long as her pictures stick to a few basic guidelines, I love them all. Her looks aren't so locked-in as Sydneys. I'm not entirely sure why, but it may simply be that she's more open to change in that area.

The Zelda fairy is there because there was blank space. So let's fill it with something annoying and glowy.

This is a character yet to be introduced to the public. She's a big part of Sydney West 3, and let's just say divides a lot of the goth jokes between herself and Sydney. Her introduction ties up a lot of questions presented in Lorem Ipsum, while raising many more about how much she can hide in her hair.

This character has already been introduced to the Sydney West story, but has yet to be publically named. They're also a main part of Sydney West 3. I'm about 46,000 words into the draft, and they've been there for a couple chapters at this point. If you've read Lorem Ipsum, you've seen him already. Then again, he may not always be wearing his face, so you may have seen him other places, too.

To see more from my sketchbook, see my {Instagram}

What about you? How do you keep up with what you love when you can't yet get to your "marathons"?

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