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Through making more and more and more, I notice one of my favorite subjects is Monsters. Sometimes it's not so much traditionally "monster" as animal, which I consider the same in a fun, weird way. It's a theme that remains wide open to interpretation and therefore I can have fun with it and still stay on the vaguely cute and spooky style I love to offer to people. If I can have fun with something, then I can put something real into what I give to other people, so it's logical I would come back to the monsters theme.

The idea for these guys started growing once I discovered the comics from {CatFoxWolf}. That feeling got progressively bigger as I rediscovered a wonderful short film called {The Maker}. Over-complicating things has always been one of my biggest weaknesses, but it took my discovery of those delightfully simple designs to stop obsessing over the "perfect" plush and just Make A Thing. Then the Thing grew into several different versions, which I learned even more from, and I learned to have more fun and less worry.

The more I grew comfortable with "well, what if," in a positive way -- less "what if something is wrong?" more "what if I used green instead?" -- that opened the gate toward feeling more comfortable with Making in the first place.

I'm also extremely tactile in a lot of things. If it doesn't feel right, I'll change it to something that does. If it's not the right shape, I can intuitively change it because I can feel what it's supposed to be. Monsters don't need a whole lot of thought put into them, mostly, unless there's some kind of plot logic that has to fit in there. I like some of those, since I also like to figure things out (and, uh, plot), but as for this kind of thing, I like that I don't have to think too far beyond the image and style.

It's just about the impression I want to give. One of the best quotes I believe sums up this feeling isn't actually about monsters or knitting or sculpting at all. "Candy doesn't have to have a point. That's why it's candy." I like things to make sense. But then there are some times when we all need to just let go and say "Ooh! Purple striped unicorn!"

There was a time when "monster" meant more something to be afraid of. There's a place for that, and I do like the scary, but with the rise of Monster's, Inc., Monster High, and increasing acceptance of gothy style, it's great that the word "monster" isn't exclusive to negativity any more. Sometimes it can mean fun, and expressing yourself through the monsters you like.

Is it blue? Is it purple? Does it have spots? Why do you like spots, or horns? It doesn't have to have some huge, higher purpose. It's an exercise and expression of imagination in a positive way. You want to draw a cyclops space cat? You go ahead and draw a cyclops space cat.

That's what my repeated return to monsters has taught me.

What about you? What are some of your favorite monsters, and why? Do you like more spooky, or more cute?

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