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No blog posts for a while, and there's a few reasons for that. It's split around 50/50, but I'll explain the embarrassing one first.

I don't know what to say, sometimes. I get so roped up into "but it has to be good the first time, has to be perfect, has to be exactly what people are already interested in," I end up...well, not doing anything. And it just shows how long it's been since the last few posts, I think I might have said this before, but I'm not sure. Sometimes, I simply don't speak well in actual words. Add self-imposed pressure to do the perfect thing the first time...welp.

But I'm also very "LOOK! LOOK LOOK LOOK!" and I think that's the real problem. I hesitate to pass that on. I'm not great with promoting myself for various reasons including anxiety and people who have told me not to, but nope. Not my problem. If I get excited about something, I'm going to start telling you.

Second, actually good reason? I've been BUSY! YAY.

I have a tendency to go big. Huge. Like space. Planets. The down side of that is that if I want to get my art into the hands of people, not everyone can afford to spend $50 on a great big huggable plush.

Aside from just financial concerns, I know what it's like to go into a shop or a booth and be a little disappointed that I can't take home any of the art that I really like.

Therefore, I'm developing a new line of "mini" plushes. Good for little kids who want to drag them around everywhere...or adults who want to drag them everywhere, who am I to judge? The time to make one of the Leg Monster Minis is drastically shaved down from other things I've made, and I can pass along the figures there. Get your hands on the very first one [HERE]

But I still can't resist a giant, ridiculously huggable plush. In trying to utilize my supplies better, I found a wonderful pale blue/green yarn that had to go into something obnoxiously adorable.

I'm exposed to a lot of "Frozen" themed things in a separate job, so I started thinking of something icy themed. I don't know where "DO A YETI" came from, but then I did the Yeti.

I'm aiming to shift more into sewn plushies to further diversify what I can offer (like the first picture at the top here), but a project like this gives me a good idea on the time frame it takes if someone still wants a knit plush. If you're interested in getting your hands on this one, though, you can find him [HERE]. May he keep you cool in uncomfortably hot times (like summer barbecues, family reunions, and other potentially awkward situations)

Glamor shot of the mini. Because I can. *blinkblink*

I never look forward to summer, because of sleeve-y, sweat-y, socially awkward reasons, but I think this summer might actually be okay. I've finished more work than I ever thought I would, and with the actual, real, very non-imaginary registration of Blackbird Parlor as a business in Washington State, I intend to keep growing! Making lists of art fairs, monsters and animals people are interested in (I can tell when it's the inner 6-year-old talking, which is my favorite kind of "OOH could you do a--"), and drinking a lot of tea and coffee.

Washington is a weirdly wonderful place and I feel good things in the future.

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