My Method. Mine.

My Boy Builds Coffins

- Florence + The Machine -

Note: I am not very organized, and my brain is sort of piles of things, sometimes. I hd written this a few weeks ago with the intention of posting, but never got around to it. That is this context. *poofs into a cloud of smoke*

Well, hello there. This blog post is going to be just a bit different than the rest up to this point. There's something to be said for order, but it can easily get out of hand. The method can start to rule you instead.

I'm a researcher at heart. But I never really felt like I studied well in school -- give me something that actually strikes my interest and I'll give you a thousand words at the drop of a hat. My work interests me. I like to make things, and I like to make things that make me and other people happy, and possibly make them think in a different way.

So you know what I did with that? I researched the living daylights out of "how to market your art." I learned some things, but mostly it helped give my anxieties anxieties. With the kind of work that I do, and want to do, I can't just go by the "3 Ways to--" lists out there. It just doesn't work. Good to learn from? Sure.

But let's not get neurotic(er). Through a very lucky short conversation with an artist I admire, I realized one incredibly important thing--

My art. My goals. My method.

Mine. All of it. Everything I want to share with you starts out as mine.

I've lived with a lot of negativity -- people who confused learning how I work with learning how to work. I was taught that work has to look a certain way to really be work, and milestones are only milestones if they're validated by the right people. Finding ways to get the gears spinning has been a long process with a lot of horrible times, with a lot of things poking sticks into the works.

I'm still working on letting go of a lot of bad habits, both physical and mental. For one, there's a part of me that wants to write an explicit explanation of what I'm talking about, but I still look over my shoulder just a little bit because I expect certain people in my life to see that I'm writing, find a way to read it, and unplug my work tools because I need to "connect to reality."

But those people aren't here.

If slightly more concrete details are relevant to posts later, that's when I'll get around to it, but for right now that's not the main focus -- I'm working on doing things how they work, not just marking the boxes other people have drawn.

New year, new ideas, new hopes.

But especially -- lots of new posts. There so many things I want to show you guys. So many more things I want to talk about.

(Also, I feel good when I'm dresse up. So I thought it would be an appropriate picture for this post. Probably more on the subject later.)


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