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I've been busy. Mainly with the whole world turning over.

In early January I moved across the country, from the East Coast, to Tacoma, WA. The East Coast has some definite good points, but it really wasn't a good environment for me for several reasons I'm probably not going to post on the internet.

I will, however, be happy to share why I now love where I live and why I'm getting more done than I ever have before (without crying and sleeping a lot).

And no, I'm not joking. But back to the awesomeness.

So there's this thing about the weather. I've always been the person excited for rain and cold while people are begging for Summer in some form. If I was going to be some mythical creature, I would seriously consider vampire, and I mean that totally unironically.

The air is clear. I wear my fluorescent light-filtering glasses (them pretty pink ones) about a quarter of the time I used to. There may be some vitamin D deficiencies to correct in the future, but it's a small price to pay for being able to breathe.

Then there's the fact I've never been too great with maps. And when you live in an area where everything filters into DC into a cyclone of despair and commuter traffic, that's bad. Really bad. All maps, to me, were like someone had crumpled up the road system and laid it back down, hoping nobody would notice.

Tacoma, WA, I can actually give directions. There's no panic over getting lost (except for that one time, but I digress).

(Right: Framed Justin Hillgrove print called "Calcifer's Secret," picked up at the Northwest Folk Life Festival, 2016, in Seattle. His booth was full of wonderful monsters, which always gets my attention.)

I have this thing that I get caught up in -- when I'm under pressure to a certain degree, and trying to hide it, I will abandon everything that's done "just because." With all the numbers of Cost Of Living (tm) shaken up, there's room enough to feel positive pressure at the same time do things for myself that aren't necessarily 100% practical.

But self care is practical.


(Left: DANGERPANTS. Made from a McCall's pattern bought on sale at my Day Job. Saw it. Bought it. It had to be done. And I done it guilt-free.)

In April, I officially registered Blackbird Parlor as a Washington-based business. Now I have to have those kinds of Books (gASP). If you've been watching the Etsy or have seen me around in Tacoma, you'll also know there are new plush patterns for new animals and monsters.

The Parlor is expanding, instead of struggling to exist.

Here's a photo of my assistant, helping to keep things from flying away:

Overall, I'm in a better place. Which means better ideas. Better work. Which I can turn around and give you better things, which is essentially why I started down this road in the first place.

I know my concerted blog posts are few and far between, but I'm still here. Still making, ever expanding.

Next up: Fircrest Fun Days, August 12, 13th, as well as new stores carrying my monsters! I'll keep you posted!

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