Fircrest Fun Days

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(warning: flashy lights)

Friday and Saturday, I had the privilege of participating in something I rarely get to do -- take my work into a real, physical space. Internet is all well and good, but there's definitely something else about wrestling with a pop-up tent before you take your work out of the boxes.

I've been told people like my work, but it's different to see a little girl reach for the mermaid in a sea of other plushes. Or an introvert-in-black walk up and physically flip through the tiny art prints.

Sometimes I get disheartened. I have a really bad grasp of time, sometimes, so when things are slow it seems like nothing... is... happening orisevergoingtohappen o no.

But it's when I get to participate in events like these I realize that A) part of it is because the internet can be so impersonal, especially when you make cuddly things. And B) I need to not give into that cycle of "things aren't happening so I won't make anything happen."

Watching little kids (and big kids, adult kids...) and their real reactions to what I've put so much of myself into is a priceless thing. It's a different kind of value than when people actually take things home. One tides me over to when I get to experience the other.

I am supercharged, and will be revising things based on what I've learned and hopefully coming out with more fun.

A huge thanks to everyone who adopted my creations over the weekend, as well as thanks to my friend Nina, my co-host for Saturday evening, because I am also an introvert in black.

Internet connection has been acting out, but has been fixed, therefore more project posts coming soon, including a special Halloween In August treat!

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