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Updated: May 21, 2019

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Ok. OK. I'm a little revved up. It's mid-August. Halloween stuff is coming out in craft stores. Which means I'm hanging around craft stores in denial that it's still August.

I wore black to an 86F outdoor fair yesterday, at the time of writing this. I'm in denial it's still August. Therefore, I made a thing, which you'll have to be patient and see at the end. Unless you just scrolled to the end in which case here are all the cool photos!

Every craft store I've ever been in, except for the super-specialty ones, have a t-shirt section. Michael's Arts and Crafts also happens to have a wonderful kind of yellow/orange heather version that jumped out at me and I NEED THAT. I WILL MAKE SOMETHING SPOOKY WITH THAT.

But, the responsible adult human that I am, I held off. Until I realized what it actually reminded me of.

I'm leaving this picture gigantic because hopefully it makes it easier to see my pencil marks. I don't have any sewing markers at my disposal right now, but pencil also washes out. It just takes a little more perseverance in marking out your design. If you're taking this as inspiration, just be sure to put a box or something underneath when you're marking, otherwise you'll do things to your table. Also, you'll need the cardboard/cardstock/etc. box later.

This is where I can't really offer much by way of tutorial, except for having patience and the right brushes for what you want to paint. Me, I used a Tulip Fabric Paint multi-pack I found in clearance quite a while ago (which I used to make my fair booth banner -- sparkly!). I did, however, use only one brush, which was labelled as a "shader." Because I was too stubborn to go look for the brushes I may or may not have in a box somewhere.

For those who don't know, "shader" means it's a really wide, flat brush. Not really good in tight corners unless you're obsessive (cough) but it's great for lines if they're mostly straight. That, and a little goes a long way. You can put more on but you can't take it off once you've slopped it on (oops).

Here is where the box will be handy. Stick it inside the shirt like you see here, so if your slow layering of paint actually bleeds all the way through, you won't get it stuck to the other side of the shirt. You might have to pop it off the box if it dries but it's a better alternative than gluing your shirt together.

Because I was putting white down on a dark color, it didn't go completely opaque, even with a couple coats, which you'll see later. But I don't mind it, since the shirt is heathery anyway. If I wanted things perfect, I would have spent time on a stencil (which I'm looking into, but ANYWAY).

Aaaand this one is where I found the settings on my camera to match the lighting I actually had. It's quite a bit subtler than cartoon orange, just like (DUN dun DUUUUUN) the cover of everyone's favorite gateway-goth paperback, Bunnicula.

Which also has a lovely red shadow to its white font, so there we go, then:

But not quite done. If you've never read the book (FINISH HERE AND GO DO IT), Bunnicula is found by a little boy one night at the movie theater. The movie is none other than Dracula, and because this creepy red-eyed bunny has his own little widow's peak and "cape," he is now Bunnicula and lives in the corner hutch (where there's more creepy-eyed goodness).

The family already has a cat and sheepdog, the cat of which decides his suspicions are confirmed when he starts reading up on vampires. He must save his family at all costs! With the dog's help. Yes.

But the bunny doesn't drink blood. He drains veggies.

Thank you for reading along with me! But seriously, though. Bunnicula is amazing, and kid friendly! If you have someone in your life who seems to be getting into the spooky and creepy, and you want to be positive without shutting them down, Bunnicula is definitely the way to go. It's also a series, but I haven't read all of the other ones (the cat and dog decide they like him, then other animals show up).

I realized I could probably paint shirts the way I wanted after the cumulative effect of painting my shop banner, and painting a shirt for another friend, then jumping on this project (I DO WHAT I WANT). Hopefully more will be in the future, but seeing as I can only own so many graphic tees at a time, there will definitely be some able to buy eventually. If you want to jump to the end and hit me up with a request (and make sure you get one in your size), feel free!

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