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I don't really consider myself a gamer. Systems cost a lot of money, and I have a tendency to get fixated on a single thing for long periods of time, and I have a problem with often feeling like I should be doing something else when I'm "relaxing." As in -- what have I forgotten? What if I'm not getting another five minutes of something more important into my life?

How can I go absolutely full throttle and pretend like that would fix me worrying about absolutely everything all of the time?

Can't stop. Won't stop. Dunno how to stop.

But, lately, I consider myself more of a vicarious gamer.

Amid a certain patch of recent political "what do you think you're doing," the prospect of my going into game design, rather than animation, came looming up in front of me. Me being me, and my school being somewhat of a Hogwarts to a muggleborn like me, I resolved to stay, even if it meant switching programs. I can still go into animation, but there came the unfamiliar glimmer of curiosity regarding what gaming was actually about.

The more work I do in school and life in general, the more I realize that I do have a somewhat clear-cut style. People have referred me to the game Undertale a few times before, but when the game program issue came up, a friend of mine suggested again that I play it. I said I didn't have money. She suggested I go onto YouTube and watch someone play it, instead.

I knew I liked to watch people play video games in person. Not the random, shooty, mob fight games. There's a vein of gaming that's more visuals and story than explosions, which is definitely what I'm in art to create. More of an experience than cycling through 3D military grade weaponry.

I would say I'm not making fun of those kinds of games, but I totally am.

This isn't necessarily a post about Undertale. It's about something that's not really confined to one game experience. The Let's Play style of YouTube channel, where people play, comment on, and further review video games, is something I'm willing to take time out of my day for. I'm not terribly informed or entrenched in the history of the people I've been watching, such as Markiplier, or Jacksepticeye, but I'd rather take the videos at face value.

I've seen a lot of people make fun of video games as a sort of mindless diversion, that they take people away from reality. I would say it depends on the way it's used, just like everything else.

I've seen a vivid world of interactive arts, presented to me through the personalities of the people playing. It's a fascinating way to tell a story and get people engaged and invested in seeing it through to the end. As an artist, that's my main goal. To create experience.

I was shown a game where you can get to know the characters, or treat them like monsters and kill them all. You can show them the good side of humanity and try to help, or you can treat them like the Enemy and get rid of them if they don't let you do what you want. Each path gives you a story, but they're both drastically different, and paint your character in a completely different light.

So, because I've had the privilege of experiencing Undertale, and through that so many other things video games have to offer (including the people who love the games), I give you this:

Stay determined, friends.

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