The Gay Gimmick

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

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- Daddy Won't Pay Your Bill -

Jon Fratelli

The most pronounced and visible part of a group is often seen as indicative of the whole, especially when it comes to social categories. Sometimes this is irrelevant but, when it comes to a particular subject relevant in June, it can be especially harmful.

I'm not proud of Pride month. It's the month where people pro-LGBT most easily forget to stand up for integrity, and grasp at any amount of validation they can get, even at the cost of real human respect. Attention is more important than building true, lasting effects in the world around us, it seems.

Here's where most people are either confused, or have accused me of pretending to be LGBT so I can corrupt people with my supposedly anti-LGBT opinions. If you have to look to Coca Cola, or the local travel agency's Pride float to feel valid, the community has failed you, and given ammunition to those who wish you would just be "normal." If the LGBT is only valid when supported by corporations and businesses, why should anyone consider it an innate part of the people around them? Pride only for the sake of showing off isn't real pride.

Pride started as a march, to show the public that the LGBT is made up of real people with real lives, goals, and needs. That people have a right to exist and be treated as anyone else. Modern American Pride Parade is a showcase of commercialism, pseudo-activi