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"It gets better," is the rallying cry. An inspiration plastered in good faith over every strategic, at-risk location. The evolution to slogan is seamless, the more well-intentioned and prevalent, the more the magic words lose meaning. It may as well carry that tiny (tm) in the corner.


"It gets better," but when?

Why should you listen to the indefinite chant of someday, when you're a being of the present?

Midwinter is cold.

There's no possibility of the Spring coming.

Nothing ever changes.

It gets better, not "it gets better." The difference between slogan and promise is the attention put into it. It gets better, but you have to pay attention, and care about being there for it.

"It gets better" is not a promise that it will be handed to you, but a promise that you have what's in you that you need to reach out and take it, or you can attain what you need for the first step. You have the ability to affect your surroundings in tangible ways, regardless of comfort level or confidence in your skill level.

I don't make the rules. I'm just here to remind you that we're forgetful when things aren't as we'd like them to be.

We forget that time passes. We forget what we've already come through with flying colors, or a few broken ribs but still breathing. We forget that we're capable, and we forget that we don't necessarily have to do things the way those around us do them.

As a gardener and as an artist, it can be easy for me to give up on projects in the middle - this is particularly when my work can look its most tangled, dead, and scattered. Some would still say it's the same at the end, but that's another post about recognizing when criticism actually wants to make you better, instead of making themselves feel better.

The best thing I've learned with my plants, is not to give up on them just because what you see seems dead. In practicing a little plant necromancy over the late Fall and early Winter, I've learned more about myself and how to recognize when something isn't dead - just waiting.

The key is to pay enough attention, and to always keep going.

You have it in you. There may be something different in store than what you're hoping in specifics, but it will be better. Get up, show up, and keep your eyes open to the first signs of Spring around you. The world moves on whether you like it or not.

You don't get the same life that someone else gets. You get your very own.

The key to weathering the seasons is to keep in mind there are seasons.

For you:

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