Yule 2020

Recommended Listening:

Oh Ms. Believer

by Twenty One Pilots

I have no long story to tell today.

I have no particular argument or thought experiment.

The day has been quiet, and it's just started to rain at my office window, the hardest it's rained for several weeks.

I've cleaned up outside and inside, finished some yarn for a gift and am finishing up a drink on the stove involving oranges and lemons. The string lights are on outside, which I can see from where I am, and everything is on the verge of dropping out quickly to the dark, as it does on the Winter solstice.

There are a lot of things I still need to do today, tomorrow, and beyond. But there's a lot that I'm waiting for. It just started raining harder, and not only can I see the warm white string lights, but I can hear the tone change on the tin roof just outside my window.

I've adjusted my blogging and YouTube schedule due to finally getting a better sense of what I actually want to say and show. Investing in things I've wanted for quite a while, adding a new chapter to what you'll see on this site, as well as a story about it later involving someone who told me not to.

I don't have to wax poetic and describe what 2020 has been like. People who haven't been affected by this year's events in any meaningful way, haven't had to adjust or reconsider anything or much, are not people who have grown, despite whatever sense of themselves they have. When anything happens of such widespread, drastic nature, we can either let it happen to us and stop there, or we can pick up whatever pieces are left and make something new. Insisting on recreating the old as it was leaves holes.

"Miss me but let me go," says the poem by Christina Georgina Rossetti.

I'm fortunate that things haven't been as bad as they could have been, but not as good as they might have been. And that's the trap we fall into, isn't it? Don't be sad because there are those sadder. Don't be happy, because there are those happier.

Yule is a holiday about seeing the light in the dark.

It's been an incredibly short day for me, but somehow I feel okay not having hammered away at paperwork and several other things I'll still need to check up on tomorrow. I don't believe in the symbolism of light being good and dark being evil, but that they're both necessary to appreciate the other.

Bad things are bad and good things are good. Stellar revelation, there.

But we can only control ourselves, to any extent. Influence matters, as well as what we put out for people to stumble over, but we can't control the length of the day or the phase of the moon. We can only control what we do with it, and how we, ourselves act on what we've been given.

So I'm going to go make an Old Fashioned and make some yarn.

Blessed Yule


PS: yes, that's Q-bert.

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