Privacy Policies

Personal Policy

On this web site, you have the opportunity to subscribe to my blog posts, purchase my art, and otherwise interact with me in a way that would show me some of your personally identifying information. This is a quick and hopefully simple run-down of what I will and will not use your personal information for (I hate those massive pages of legalese, too.)

Subscription to my blog  means your email will be on the update list. You'll receive emails when I've posted something new. To unsubscribe, please reply to your latest update email with a request to be taken off, and I will do so within 1 week.  I will never give or sell your email to anyone, and your subscription will be restricted to just that -- a subscription you can opt out of at any time. 

I may refer to subscribers in a general demographic fashion, or for explaining the nature of my readers, but no personally identifying information will leave the functions of this web site.

Purchasing from my store or reimbursement for my services means I will have a place to send your product, or other identifying factors of our transaction, not including credit card information. None of this will be given or sold to anyone else, except when required by law or stated in general terms such as client demographics  and reference to the work sold. I currently sell my pre-made work through  Big Cartel, which doesn't let me see financial information of any kind.


 Otherwise contacting me in any way through this web site necessarily means I will possess information such as your email and , whatever is stated in our correspondence.  I will never give out or otherwise sell your personal information unless required by law, or to prevent harm to life or property, or other illegal actions.

Web site in general --  this site is encrypted, which can be seen by the https prefix, and the lock icon next to the URL. This means that my hosting has been secured against your personal information being intercepted, such as when you input your email for subscription or contact me through the contact page.  If there is some kind of break in my security, and I have reasonable doubt that information is secure, I will notify you both on this web site and through the emails that I have been provided. 

I participate in a handful of other social media and interactive web sites. These web sites have their own privacy policies that govern interactions there. 

If, for some reason, this local policy is changed or amended, I'll also notify you through provided email and this web site.

Thank you, and stay spooky!

Privacy Policy composed May 4th, 2017

Due to the nature of my work and self-representation, I reserve all right to restrict any interaction with this web site that I deem malicious, antagonistic, or otherwise in breach of an open environment of valuable expression.

Hate speech is expression that bypasses reasonable thought and is fueled by emotion, building reasons around it instead of being built on reasons. It's not valuable, and will not be accepted. 

Any credible threats to the safety of others will result in the notification of appropriate authorities, and is an exception to all privacy policies, where applicable by law.