as·tral /ˈastrəl/
adjective: astral
of, connected with, or resembling the stars.
"astral navigation"
  • relating to a supposed nonphysical realm of existence to which various psychic and paranormal phenomena are ascribed, and in which the physical human body is said to have a counterpart.
    "spiritual beings from the astral plane"


    The mind wanders, as does the body, simply in different ways. So then does the soul, and explores areas that the other 2/3 of our existence can't quite comprehend. But it also stops in for a slurpee and chips from time to time. Maybe.


    Printed at 4x6" on matte, rigid card. Ideal for adding a little more "what if" to your life, on a budget.


    Market sign says "Markadr" in the Elder Futhark alphabet.

    Always remember - Odin hates Nazis.

Astral Corner Market - 4x6" Postcard



    by Blackbird Parlor