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Most who are familiar with winter holidays, Christmas and otherwise, are also familiar with Mistletoe, though not always firsthand. Tradition dictates accepting all kisses underneath where it's hung, and some slightly lesser-known traditions associate it with peace. It was also used by the Druids for healing and curing infertility.


However, its berries are also highly toxic and, in Norse mythology, the plant was used by Loki as a dart to kill the invincible god Baldur. His mother Frigg had asked every living thing not to harm her son, but overlooked Mistletoe because it appeared so harmless.


This tiny piece can be displayed with other artwork, turned into a tree ornament, jewelry, or kept as a spiritual symbol in private space. Whatever Mistletoe means to you, this miniature painting can serve as a reminder. Nothing is ever just one thing.


Measures 2x2.25"

Painted on wood

Sealed with a light coat of matte varnish

Do not expose to water, including additional varnish


Mistletoe - Mini Painting



    by Blackbird Parlor