"Ward" can mean a few different things. In a hospital, it describes the type of patients in the area. In a city, it's a term for a neighborhood or district. However, in old English, it means keeper, watchman, or protector.


The Prying Eyes ward is a departure from the typical bookplate, which is normally used to write your name and claim ownership. Claim ownership differently, with my own little warning away from venturing where one should not. The symbol at the peak is known as a Witches Foot, which represents several things to different people - I like to use it for representing self-awareness and looking at things from several perspectives.


The file you will recieve contains a page you can print for 4 copies of this bookplate to cut out.


Made for printing at 8.5x11", but please let me know if there's interest in other sizes. I recommend an acid-free glue stick, which is typically specified on the casing.


Though the artwork in this printable has been reduced to black and white, please allow for minor variations based on your printer settings and paper chosen.

Printable Bookplate - Prying Eyes Ward

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by Blackbird Parlor