A three-ply yarn in dark brown, grey brown, and a natural off-white. Slightly felted (fulled!) for maximum fluffiness without creating a mohair-like effect (not my thing...). Great for a rustic look without getting too uneven, a hint of bright tweed-y energy to keep you warm!


 The strand is an average of 3mm wide with some thicker sections peppered throughout, meaning this is on the heavier side of Worsted, somewhere between a 4 and 5 on a factory-made yarn label. Please allow for some variation due to the nature of hand spun yarn.


Also, please remember this is 100% wool, therefore must be cared for accordingly.


From a non-smoking, pet friendly home!

Tabby - 3-ply Spun Yarn - Dark Brown, Grey Brown, Natural White



    by Blackbird Parlor