"I enjoyed reading this book [Anterria]. I loved the plot. The action in it was exciting but written well for kids. The reading level is good for older kids or advanced readers and it is a clean read. I also thought the story idea was unique."


"Sydney West is truly like nothing I have ever read. It is bizarre to say the least, but bizarre in a new and exciting way. I am shocked that Rebecca McKinsey isn't a household name because this is worthy of Stephen King. McKinsey has some wonderful talent and her writing style is all her own. I loved it.


"The plot works like a puzzle...the twists pack a major punch, let me tell you."


"This story is so hard to describe fully [Sydney West]. It really is so busy..but not in an annoying way. The writer makes you feel as if NO page is filler. Not scene is unimportant. No character is just a place holder. Everything connects. Everything has a point and a purpose. So many delicious layers! THIS my friends, is a nicely written story!"

Melissa, Amazon User

"...this book [Sydney West] is a mystery/thriller, and I am amazed at what is not in this book. Almost without exception, this genre of books is full of sex and profanity. You won't find either in this book. That's right! A clean thriller? Yes, indeed. Not even any descriptive violence. But it certainly doesn't mean it's boring."

Ruth, Amazon User

"Pure, old storytelling of the best kind. I do believe Tolkien, Rowling, Collins, and Lewis may have found their match..."

H., Amazon User