The Storytellers Series

The Storytellers: Anterria (Book #1)- Hannah Merchant stumbles out of her world and into another, where she and the man who saved her life take on the task of defeating the Shadow, a former government official bent on controlling the multiverse. Armed with nothing but imagination and a bag full of books, they trace his moves to Anterria, a map from a fairy tale with dangers that spark new, fantastic abilities inside them.


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.Chapter 1.


The Storytellers: Atlantis (Book #2) – Storytellers Hannah and Aaron are off to the seafaring city of Atlantis, where they’re told the citizens are knowledgeable and willing to help them look for the second key to the Door of Exile. One step closer to freeing the council of Zion from the extraordinary prison, they must keep on constant watch for the Shadow, the councilor who betrayed the others in his quest for power and who also searches for the lost keys.


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 .Prologue/Chapter 1.

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