by Blackbird Parlor

Whiskey Terra Foxtrot is, simply put, the shop extension of my portfolio and blogging web site, Blackbird Parlor. Renaming a portion of my creative efforts has not only helped me organize my thoughts, but formulate a plan of attack to counter various trends I've seen in marketplaces elsewhere.

The handmade, artistic market is being flooded with a rearranged retail mentality, sliding under the radar as something it isn't. Selling products is not an inherently amoral activity but, if the focus is placed solely on profits, both the buyer and seller suffer, though the seller may be distracted by numbers until it's much harder to change practices.

It's most important to me to not have to change practices back to something wholesome at all, because they were as much as I could put into it in the first place.


I am a single artist and artisan, therefore my time is limited. However, this also means I'm able to work with special interests to an extent. I emulate no one else's style or energy. But, in addition to what I put out totally from my own imagination and study, I invite clients to contact me if they have any questions as to the origins of a product or would like me to make them something new. I can't share everything about my suppliers, but invite questions about what and who you're supporting with your money beyond just me.



Ethical sourcing and truth in advertising are regaining ground they never should have lost, however small. Though I use some retail components (specified, and used until further notice), I believe in balancing being paid for my time and expertise with what I can do to make that product the most accessible.

Because I don't go with the first, easiest, and lowest-priced supplier, some of my pricing will reflect this. I value the ethics of what I'm putting into your hands just as much as my time and effort getting it there.